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Italy wants to ban OnlyFans

by Alice Trout
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The host of one of the most popular shows on Italian television, Massimo Gilletti, said on air, “I want this platform shut down!”

During her appearance on Massimo Gilletti’s program Non è l’Arena on La7, the 27-year-old star of the famous online entertainment platform admitted that by shooting hot videos on OnlyFans, she made enough money in just one year. to be able to first buy a car and then a whole house in Milan. This statement caused chaos in the studio, where Vladimir Luxuria and Mario Adinolfi were also present as commentators, especially after host Gilletti’s controversial comment, which Adinolfi did not particularly appreciate. 

The Italian-Brazilian model admitted that she managed to earn disproportionate numbers in a very short time thanks to her hot videos on the famous online entertainment platform.

“Excuse me, if someone buys a house in Milan in a year, then the business is floating,” Gilletti said after learning how much girls earn on OnlyFans.

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“You don’t understand, Massimo, the danger of this message, don’t you understand? What does it mean? What do I tell my daughter, who is in university? That after she graduates she will earn 1,500 euros a month, that I should tell her, “Look at Daddy, forget about your studies, put yourself in front of a beautiful webcam and decide it like this?” Do we want that? I don’t want that. I think it’s illegal and the platform should be shut down.”

Meanwhile, Belle Delphine nude pics bring the model up to $25 million each month.

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